About the Candidate

Terry James Jensen

Born: January 4, 1959 USA. Sacramento County, California


Graduated: Luther Burbank high School Class of 77

Receive the honor and award from Youth Science Congress in 1976 for work

On commutator – less DC motor. I turned 3-Pole permanent magnet DC motor into a three-phase DC motor. by using solid-state switches to replace the commutator and brushes.

School project: convert gas vehicle to electric vehicle.


Attended: Sacramento City College from 77 to 83

Major: in Electronic Telecommunication and Computer Science

Special studies: Solar tracking systems for PV-array and for high-temperature arrays.


Education: in 91 took a crash course and receive college credit in setting upping a small business and writing a business plan.

1999 attended a class at local 340 Electrical Union on PLC’S, programming mini controls to input signals and output desired function or control a device.

Material and handling license for refrigeration usage in high-pressure, low-pressure and small appliances, this does not cover automotive use.


Hobbies: Study how all things work. Was member of the Sacramento Electric Cars chapter at McClellan Air Force Base until its closure. Designed a plug-in printed circuit board for the electric car chapters in expenses battery charger. And discussed the future of designing hybrid cars.


With a little help to my uncle I started a small lawn and yard maintenance service putting me through college from 1980 to 1990.

1983 got started in the elevator industry trade when I applied for an assistant engineer manufacturing of elevator controls for Elevator equipment manufacturer in Sacramento . I was promoted to field technician: troubleshooting and repair of elevator electronic controls and mechanical systems. In 1986 I approached my employer to purchase the manufacturing rights of elevator control systems. I waited two days from my future partner who encouraged me to talk to owner, but he did not call; so I call the owner of an elevator contract who knew of my talents and Five days later I started working for an elevator contracts, learning construction, maintenance and repairs in the Elevator Trade for the next 30 years.

I started my own business as an Elevator Contract Jun 2011 and started planning to run for president of the United States in the election year 2012

I believe in God and respect or worship him in my own way.